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Replace those halogen lights, use your existing wiring to convert your home lights into efficient, long-lasting, and dimmable LEDs.

Why Choose Nova Led Lighting as Your Trusted LED Supplier?

Best LED Products

Our components are selectively curated from the best LED industry brands based on the expertise of our NCQLP-certified professionals.

Best Value

We work directly with LED lighting suppliers and manufacturers to keep the costs of your LED installation projects down to their minimum.

Experienced Support

Our team has vast technical knowledge and combines over 75 years of experience in the lighting industry to give you qualified support.

Wide Selection

We carry the largest inventory in the industry to back up projects small and large, from small contractor jobs to enterprise-wide LED installations.

Fast Fulfillment

Most LED components we offer are in stock and ready to ship the same day to accommodate the demanding deadlines of your project.

Post-Purchase Help

We work to make sure that you are able to use the LED components you source from us in your application and that they work as intended.

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